Rob Kowalski
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Hi my name is Rob Kowalski, thanks for visiting my site. I like to refer to myself as a reformed bad boy. Born and raised in Baltimore, Md, my mother got pregnant with me at the age of 14; she raised me with an 8th grade education without any help from my father. Growing up with a young mother and no father in the picture in many ways I raised myself and taught myself how to be a man. From the time I hit puberty I guess you could say I was “girl crazy”. Most of my decisions were based around whether it would help or hurt me with getting girls. When I was 15 years old I found a video tape my mom and her friends had rented of male exotic dancers. I decided right then that I too wanted to be a male exotic dancer. It’s comical to me now but it’s true. While some kids dream of being cops, engineers and bankers, my aspiration was to be a stripper...





Loved sharing my story for the "Sex and Second Chances" episode from the #KeepBreathingPodcast. God loves U-Turns, it's never too late! “Sex and Second Chances. Conversations about both of these topics are important. Life change is contagious and we unpack these topics and more as we hear some of Rob Kowalski’s story on Episode #007 of the Keep Breathing Podcast. Rob is a reformed bad boy that moved from being a stripper and the biggest nightclub promoter in his hometown of Baltimore, MD, to the CEO and Founder of CityFam, a non-profit that advocates for the power of community to transform an individual, a city, and even the world, after a radical encounter that he had with Jesus. You can connect with Rob at and" ~ Jimmy Akers



Are you happy?

That’s a heavy question, right? Our society has a list of checkboxes; accomplishments that should fulfill and sustain us. Job, house, relationship, friends, dog, jam-packed social calendar, you name it.

But for many of us, we do all of the things society tells us to do, filling our lives with all things that are supposed to make us happy, and don’t find real fulfillment. At the end of the day, there is still a nagging feeling that something is missing. What gives? What if I told you Most people never find their purpose because they won't let go of their sin long enough to hear from God, therefore they never find deep fulfillment... Read more.