Becoming a Man

Up until now, I’ve put a lot of the responsibility on women for stopping the madness of the current dating and sex scene; but I’d like to shift my focus now and speak to the men. Men, these are our women and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to treat them like the prizes that they are. Otherwise, you are just contributing to the problem and a broken system, and it makes all of us suffer. Grow the f*#k up! Be willing to stand for something even if it costs you something to do it.

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Rob Kowalski

We used to have a saying when I promoted nightclubs that went like this: “the more they pay, the longer they stay”. This referred to the idea that the higher the cover charge is to get into a club, the longer people would stay there (even if the place wasn’t crowded).  There’s a lot that we can learn in this concept when it comes to sex and dating. If it costs us something we appreciate it more. 

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